Monday, January 21, 2013

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch....

As in a time crunch…
I know you are reading this and you are like – WOW, she ACTUALLY posted a new blog! Just don’t faint, kay! I need to blog more; I just find that when I have the time to sit and write, I want to work on writing my books.

BUT, I always hear that if you want to keep your viewers on your blog and don’t want to be forgotten you must blog often.  The one question I always ask myself “What the hell am I going to blog about?” I really didn’t read a lot of blogs until I started writing this one. But this is my writing blog, this is not the place for me to post funny parenting stories, my adventures in caning – which I love to do every chance I get! Nor is it the place to post about my political opinions or some religious stance/rant. If I thought that this was the place to post about that, I would have something to tell you daily. Especially if I was posting about the kids!! Which 7/8 of my life revolves around.

As out-going as I am in real life, I’m kind of shy when it comes to being out there as an Author. This is something I have on my 2013 author to-do list. I have set some goals for myself for 2013 and I plan to make it happen.
So what are these goals, you ask? (At least I would like to think that you were thinking that, so just go along with it.)
1)    Do at least 3 author interviews
2)    Have some guest bloggers
3)    Do some guest blogging (About what, I have no clue! I can hardly think of things to tell you about here!)
4)    Do a character interview or two for this blog, maybe another somewhere else.
5)    Try to do 5 book signing’s or author fairs in the area.
6)    Find and enter a one of my books into a contest.
7)    Look into getting a booth at a Convention, preferably a romance one but we shall see.
8)    After Love on a Killer Cruise, get at least 3 of the books for my new series out. (The Seven Saviors Series)
9)    Post on my FB author page more often, again this is another one that I have a hard time with.

Lots to do, and hey lots to blog about also! (-:

Back to the time crunch issue:
I have been working go get TF a new cover and I have been flip flopping on it. It’s not that I can’t decide I just want it perfect. I find something I love, and a week later I only like it and want better, then I do something different and I love it, and then… You get the idea, lol.
I have been working to make the ideas for the cover of Love on a Killer Cruise just what I want as well. Surprisingly that for me was more about Font and positioning of the title and such more than anything.
I have three kids, and some days they are such demanding little creatures, but they come first. (Seriously I have been interrupted 4 times already while writing just this much, and I am not done yet...)
Writing is what I love to do, and it’s my “me” time.
Love on a Killer Cruise has about 12 days to be done so that I can start editing, which I will have about 8 days to do before it goes out to some Beta readers for feed back.
The cover, at least front cover, will be released on Feb. 16th. Plus the Full cover for print has to be perfected and almost perfect. It has to be perfect/ done by the time I release it at the end of march
By March 2nd all the input from beta readers will have been taken and any final editing must be done so that I can get ARC copies out to a list Reviewers, which I am also in the middle of compiling right now.
Love on a Killer Cruise will be released on the 23rd of March, SO that means that I have to start trying to get it into, and approved, by Amazon and Smaswords on or around the 19th, because sometimes it takes time to get it in just the right format. That is a battle that I hope will be easier than it was with Tempting Fate! 
Not to mention the fun of doing the "Print version" format and getting that approved!
Then it is right into The Seven Saviors Series, which will be more of a YA/ New Adult fantasy Series of 6 books. Those covers are being worked on by a fabulous friend and artist, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with from my ideas and character profiles! I want to get out the first three of them this year as they are going to be shorter (about 30 or 40 thousand words each).

So I have around a month to lay the groundwork in so many ways for the next book to come out and a to-do list on my computer that I keep adding to instead of checking things off of. All of this on top of the 24 hour a day job of Mommy/ Wife/ Cook/ Cleaner… you get the idea.

Wish me luck and I hope that you are looking forward to the new book coming out. Writing a romance novel that has a mystery story intertwined in the second half has been fun! I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you love reading it as much as I have loved writing it!

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