Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love on a Killer Cruise ~ TEASER!!

A little teaser for you all from one of Sarah's dates. As it turns out not every date could be really bad.

“So, Tanya told me that you didn’t want to know anything about me before the date. I’m curious, why is that?”
“I know Tanya too well, in less than ten minutes she will talk you up to the point I would expect to see you on the cover of some GQ magazine as well as published in a medical journal or something like that. She likes to talk things up sometimes, especially if there is a certain outcome that she wants.”
He gave me a smile that made me want to lean over the table and bite his lip softly. “GQ? Really? I think I would look better on the cover of a romance novel if you ask me.”
Romance novel huh? Makes me wonder what Tanya had told him about me. “Maybe. So tell me Eric when you are not spending your time inspiring to be on the cover of a romance novel, which I would love to know what kind of romance it would be by the way, what do you do?”
His laugh was deep and rich sounding. “Um. Let’s see, any of subgenres would be fine with me, but nothing with S&M in it. I was thinking of more of one with a girl with wind blown hair in my arms and my shirt hanging open, more that one with me in a pair of black leather shorts with a gag ball in my mouth.”
Funny, I like that. “Well then, no gag ball it is, but I think you should rethink the black leather shorts could be a good luck on you. A great look if you have nice tight, rounded… rear end to fill them with.”
He leaned on the table and looked at me as he took a drink. “If you are asking about my backside you could just reach over and touch it. Just so you know though, turn about is fair play; you grab mine and I will have no other option that to give yours a little squeeze.”
If I thought it was hot in this little coffee shop before it was even hotter now. I was felling something that I hadn’t in a long time. It was putting a smile on my face and making me tingle inside. Maybe I should have ordered and iced coffee and not the hot latte. I needed a cold shower or to bring this conversation back down a few notches.
“To answer the other question I work construction. Nothing fancy, but I like it. You?”
“I work for a publishing company. I get to sit and read all day. It’s fun to get a sneak peak at books that will come out as well as read some things that most people never see.”
“You like to read a lot then I take it. I do as well.”
We sat there talking for over an hour. It was easy and extremely flirtatious at times. We had a lot in common, from music to movies and television shows.
“So have a I passed the test?”
I looked at him confused for a second before I asked, “And what test is that?”
“The one to see if you liked me enough for a real date. I’m guessing that coffee was just to make sure that you were not wasting your time with me tonight. It was good move on your part and I will tell you that I was thinking that there is a Jazz bar that is not to far that you would enjoy. They have some great drinks. Wanna take a ride with me and have a drink and a dance or two.”
“Sounds good. Your car or mine?”
He stood up and took my hand into his. “Mine.”
We were at the Jazz club with a drink in hand twenty minutes later. The music was sexy and filling the air around us with an electrical charge. I finished my third martini before he was able to convince me to go out onto the dance floor with him. He held me close as we danced and his moves were perfect. After an hour of dancing, laughing, and a couple more drinks we could not keep our hands off each other. He gave a wink and bowed his head toward the door. I bit my lip for a second and then grabbed my purse and his hand leading the way out the front doors and into the night air.
We were just a few feet from the car when he pulled me in close and kissed me. I leaned into him felt that spark that comes with a first kiss. Every other kiss with a man might have a spark, especially when you are in love with them, but it is never like the first one. Sharp and warm, thick with something that could never be described with words. That first taste, so intoxicating it makes you forget everything around you and every fear you have ever had. It comes with a want and a need that takes over everything. It was long and genital, full of a kind of passion I had not felt in so long that it almost made a tear come to my eye.
He pulled away slowly but I wasn’t ready for that first kiss feeling to end so I moaned and bit his lip a little. Then the kiss was hot and heavy. One of his hands was in my hair and then his mouth was on my neck and he was nibbling and caressing me with his tongue. I was ready to rip his pants off right there in the parking lot. I only snapped out of it when I couple guys got out of a car close by and laughed telling us to. “Get a room.”
He started laughing and pulled away slightly. “I guess we should take this to a more private place.”
“Your place or mine?”
“Mine. You are going to be mine, very soon.”
Yes I was, I really hoped that he lived close by.
Once we were in the car he kissed me again as he buckled my seat belt around me. He slipped in a caress to my breast as he did it, making several small soft circles. Once we were out of the parking lot he started touching my leg, caressing it higher and higher each time. My skin was on fire and all I wanted more of his touch. Every inch higher he went was not high enough.

AND thats all you get for now! Bwa ha ha ha! 

Hope you enjoyed it! 


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