Monday, May 21, 2012

This past weekend I received my first book review from Jen at The Mystical World of Book Reviews ( If you are on FB please go over and give her page a like so that you can read her future reviews.

For my first review I could not have been more pleased! 

Book Review:

Tempting Fate
By A.N. Busch

About the Book: Abigail Dalton had it all. Then one night her dreams took her back to her college days, only something was different about them. Every night the dreams continued to torture her, images of a man s
he didn't remember. Questions to an old college friend went unanswered, leaving her asking more. In one day, her life would change. She would be tempted to alter what Fate had planned for her life.

Jen's Review: 5 Stars
I don't even know where to start about how much I enjoyed this book. This book tore at my emotions, from warm fuzzies to complete melt down of tears! The only thing I found wrong with the book, the story ended before I wanted it to.

Abigail never knew that dreams could be so surreal, until the ones she recently started having. They were so real, she started to feel guilty for having them, considering that the man in her dreams were not her husband. As the dreams continue, she begins to wonder if they really are just dreams. Has she actually experienced these events, is her dream man real? Abby finds herself facing fate head on, but what plans does fate have planned for her?

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has found love, lost love, and to those that believe love conquers all. I can only hope to see more work by this author soon!

 A big Thank you again to Jen and The Mystical World of Book Reviews.

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