Friday, March 9, 2012

Tempting Fate 

Abigail Dalton had it all- a loving husband, a successful career at a well-respected architectural agency, and three wonderful children. Then one night her dreams took her back to her college days in Tennessee, only something was different about them. Every night the dreams continued to torture her with images of a man she had no recollection of ever knowing. Westly and his love for her was so intense. Abigail was left feeling guilty and confused. Questions to an old college friend about this mystery man went unanswered, leaving her wanting to ask more.
During the day she tried to push the dreams and Westly from her mind, but the lingering feeling of his hands on her skin was hard to ignore. She did her best to focus on work, her husband, her children, anything to erase the haunting images of Westly. However, soon a trip to New York City to make a presentation, would take her on a completely unexpected journey. What she would discover would not only stop the dreams but also answer all of her questions.
In one day, her life would change in more ways than one. She would be tempted to alter what Fate had planned for her life. If she could change things, would she want to give up all she had at home in Texas? Tempting Fate’s plans could cause her to lose everything.

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