Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excerpt From Chapter 2 of Tempting Fate:

Abby pulled down her book and moved her computer keyboard to the top of the monitor. She was not reading for long when she decided the lamplight would not be enough to keep her awake and stood up to open the curtains. As she pulled them back she looked into the courtyard below. To her own surprise, she saw him right away sitting alone under a tree bare of leaves. As soon as her eyes saw him there, she knew it was the same man she got a glimpse of yesterday.
He was leaned back against the tree, reading a book. As much as she knew she needed to get back to her history book, she couldn’t stop watching him flip from page to page reading. From time to time he made a note in the book. He was left handed, and even from the fourth floor and half way across the courtyard, she could see his hands perfectly. Something about them gave her butterflies in her stomach. When he looked up and around at her building’s windows her heart dropped and she stepped back quickly. Did he feel like he was being watched? What if he saw her there? Would he think she was watching him?
When he stretched and changed his position, Abby wondered if he was going to leave. Unmoving she watched as he removed the hoodie from his head. His bright blond hair was revealed, and her breath caught in her throat. He rested his elbow on his crossed legs and his chin in his right hand.
It seemed like forever that Abby stayed in the window and watched him. Even afraid he would see her, she was not able to look away. Abby watched everything about him. It was like she could not pull herself away even if she tried. She wondered about the book he was reading, it didn’t look like a textbook but it was thick. What was it he was so into that at times he would not move at all but to turn the page?
When he shut the book and set it beside him, Abby frowned. He started to stretch and she found herself not wanting him to leave. It was like he heard her silent wish and pulled his hoodie back on and moved over to lay on his back and stare up at the sky. Trying to see the details of his face, Abby looked at him even closer. Her eyes only left him to look up at the clouds herself. When he stood up Abby felt her stomach drop.

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