Friday, January 3, 2014

The first Sneak Peek into The Seven Saviors!!!

Hello all and Happy New Year!!!

I thought I would start the year off with a seek peek into the first chapter of The Seven Saviors!!!

So here it is - uncut, unedited!!!


Chapter 1
A Seer and a Prophecy

My name is Sabina and I am a Seer, as my mother was, and her mother, and her mother before her. The women of our family have been gifted with this for many generations. I saw my own death many years ago, and it will not be soft and quiet as I lay in my bed sleeping. I will burn in a fire – hot and bright. I have looked many times over the years but the way I will go into the beyond has not changed, I have accepted it.
I live alone in a small hut nestled into the the forest just outside a small village. My daughters have grown and started their own families. My oldest now the one that the people go to for healing and seeing, I have been mostly forgotten. That is fine, for I only see two things when I look into the future now – a prophecy and my death, for it seems the two go hand in hand. I would be of no use to the villagers here.
Though I am old and tired, there is a journey that I must take. I know not where exactly this journey will take me yet, but the time for me to leave is soon. I looked into the refection of my water bowl last night and saw, again, a village that holds a great power within its families. To them a group of seven boys will be born, each gifted with a different power. Together, they will need to protect one woman; she is the purest innocent in the world. If they fail it will be lost from the entire world, forever.
The vision comes with an urgency now, smalls pieces of it flooding my dreams in the night. Tomorrow I will leave so that I may find these mothers and warn them. There is  a danger to the seven that I cannot yet see, but I know that it is important and I can only hope that I will be able to tell them about it when I get there. The travel will be long and hard on me, but I have seen more winters than I care to count, and my death will not be alone in the cold of night. I have prepared a small package of bread and cheese to carry with me. For now I must rest.

I'm going to get back to work on the second half of the novel now! 
Have a great day and again Happy New Year!!! 

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