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Character Interview with Tanya and Jenny... and more.

Hello everyone!

I took the weekend off from everything to just relax and spend some much needed time with family and friends.
If you were not at the release party you missed some news. Due to a hiccup in editing process Love on a Killer Cruise was not released on Friday. I'm not going to lie, I freaked out a bit... and then I did some crying, BUT I think that it is all going to be okay, lol. I went ahead with the release party and had a ton of fun that lifted my spirits immensely. 

But now it is time to jump back into work, because there is still a lot of things to do!

If you missed the post yesterday over on Lusty Penguin Reviews Blog an Author Interview was posted. Make sure you go check it out and if you have time give LPR's FB page a nuzzle as well!

Sadly I didn't get a chance to Interview Sarah this weekend because.... well I can't tell you why, because that would ruin the end of the book. Let's just say she and Gabriel had somewhere better to be and I am very happy for them!!!!
I did however get a chance to sit down and have coffee with Tanya and Jenny yesterday morning and talk about LoaKC.


Me: Good morning ladies are we doing today?

Jenny: Very good, thank you!

Tanya: Good, but can we hurry up with this? I really want to get to the..."

Jenny: TANYA! Shut up! You have to watch what you say about the that. We need to keep it a secret for now; remember?

Tanya: Fine! I want to go see Sarah and Gabriel and.... someone else. I'm just excited, sheesh.

Me: I completely understand. I was very surprised when I got the call from Gabriel telling me that Sarah couldn't make it Saturday, maybe later. Anyway I wanted to talk to the two of you about some of the things that happened in Love on a Killer Cruise. 
I guess my first question would have to be; what did you really think of Sarah's high school sweetheart, Brandon?

Jenny: He was all right. A nice enough guy when we were growing up together. He was always good to Sarah and that was all that really mattered to us.

Tanya: He was nice. Was being a key word there! Once he married Sarah he went into mega serious mode. He hated us meeting up on Wednesday night's at the pub, he thought that Sarah should be at home every night. He wanted it all! Perfect wife, perfect mother, perfectly clean house.

Jenny: Tanya! Sarah wanted the same things. They were young, let it go.

Tanya: All I'm saying is that he was a nice enough guy, he just had high expectations of her. I mean honestly, he blamed her so much for not being able to get pregnant! In the end he was an Ass.

Jenny: I agree, but it is all in the past and things have worked out for the best anyway.

Me: Okay, clearly you two are not his biggest fans. Let's move on. You guys set Sarah up on a lot of dates. I have to say, with the exception of Adrian, what were the two of you thinking when you picked these men? You're Sarah's best friends and you picked some awful guys for her.

Tanya: Well first off let's remember that I was the one that picked out Adrian. He is such a doll; still single sadly. Hey, maybe you would be up for going out with him?

Me: Umm, I'm going to have to pass on that thanks. I don't think my husband would be too happy with me.

Jenny: Sorry about her, she is constantly in set up mode. Even though none of them work out. Anyway, I thought that the guys I picked were nice enough guys, they just didn't work out as being a good fit for Sarah. Of course Ted is the exception, but I seriously had no idea he was going to go crazy.

Tanya: Yeah he was crazy all right! But he was not the only really bad one, what about that guy from the office that was an asshat at dinner, or, the guy that was a friend of Bill's from College. What was his name again? Dick?

Jenny: It was Richard, and he has his good qualities. You just have to get to know him better. Besides you were the one that set her up with the guy who screwed her and never called again.

Tanya: She totally needed that!

Jenny: Um, no she didn't!

Me: That actually brings me to my next question. That guy caused you and Sarah to have a fight Jenny. What can you tell me about it?

Jenny: We have had small fights throughout the years. When you have been friends as long as we have been it is bound to happen. We always bounce back and get over it. We love each other and sometimes you get upset if you want better for one of the others than what is going on. Sarah was very protective of us in college when it came to dating men and she had a system of helping out when she could. Both Tanya and I have never really had to deal with things like that when it came to Sarah. I over-reacted, we both did.

Tanya: I knew that if I just got the two of them to actually get together they would work it out. It is the same thing that Jenny would have done with Sarah and I, or that Sarah would have done for Jenny and I. I agree with Jenny, when you are as close as we are things are going to happen, but we will be friends forever no matter what.

Me: I love the friendship that you all have. I seriously don't think she would have made it through the Ted thing with out you all, or without Roger of course. I just love your husband Tanya, he is just a really great guy and I can't wait to sit down and talk with him later this week.

Tanya: Thank you, he is a great guy! I am one lucky woman. You should see how great he is with the kids too, amazing father!

Me: Are the two of you going to have anymore kids?

Tanya: More than likely. I'm giving my body a long rest for now though. Having two kids back to back is ridiculous! I swear I don't think I will ever be able to fit back into a size seven!

Me: Jenny, what about you? You seemed to be in no rush in LoaKC.

Jenny: There is plenty of time for that later. I'm still up in the air about it though. It's not that I don't want any kids, but I don't really feel the need right now either.

Me: I understand completely! Lets move on, I know that you two have someplace to be. Jenny, what were you thinking just signing Sarah up for the singles cruise contest without telling her?

Jenny: She wasn't going to do it herself! I don't know I guess I just thought that it couldn't hurt, and after Ted. Well she needed the chance to get away for a while. I never dreamed that I would be sending her there to have to deal with a killer though! Gabriel was an unexpected, wonderful thing that came out of it in the end.

Me: Both of you like Gabriel then?

Jenny: Very much so! Everyone loves him.

Tanya: Even Sarah's dad! Who seems pretty much indifferent to everyone.

Me: What was your reaction when you found out that there was a killer on the ship with Sarah?

Tanya: Oh, the time in between her calls was ridiculously long. I knew that she couldn't stay on the phone with us the whole time, but it was nerve racking waiting for the next call from her, or to hear from Roger that she had called him.

Jenny: Yes! And then it got to the point that we hadn't heard from her in over thirty-six hours but the story was on the news that the ship was stuck at sea and they were talking about women being found dead. No names were ever said on the news so all we could do was just sit and wait, and wait. We didn't have Gabriel's last name or any way to try and contact him. I was bad.

Tanya: We flew down and waited at the dock the day the ship came back in. Waiting there was the worst of it all I think. We had no clue if we were going to be hugging her or making plans to send her body home and have to make a call to her parents.

Me: You all kept her parents out of the loop the whole time?

Tanya: Oh, for sure!

Jenny: Her Mom would have been too much of a nervous wreck. She didn't handle it well when she found out after Sarah was back. Sarah's father on the other hand would have been raising hell and trying to get the Navy or coast guard out there to get her.

Me: Well I guess we should wrap it up, I would love to keep talking with you girls more but the novel is over and you guys have more living to do. Thanks for meeting me for coffee to talk, and thank you so much for being part of all this. I am going to miss you two! 

Jenny: Thank you! All of this has been so fun for us. We'll keep in contact with ya, don't worry!

Tanya: We're going to go to the you-know-where now, to see the you-know-what!

Me: Have fun and send me a photo or two!

Jenny: Will do!!


There you go. My little interview with Tanya and Jenny.

I loved writing this book for so many reasons. The characters that surrounded my M/C were a big part of it!

I'll be back soon with another interview, this time it will be with my favorite secondary character of the novel, Roger. Until then make sure that you keep an eye out for some of the other stops on the Love on a Killer Cruise blog tour.

In the mean time I will be working on my next project a little more and I promise to post like a crazy woman when LoaKC is live on Amazon and else where!


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