Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love on a Killer Cruise Release and Blog Tour News

Hello! It's me again, the Author that never seems to blog (but keeps promising to do it more - Fail!!)

Sorry for the long break, but if you have been keeping tabs on me through my author/facebook page you probable know why I was absent for so long. I was extremely unmotivated after the loss of my father in late February. But! I have been working hard this last month to get Love on a Killer Cruise done and I am glad to say that I am on the home stretch!
The cover release will be happening on the 23rd of May, and the book will released on the 31st.

I am currently trying to set up a blog tour and make sure that I have the ARC's / Reviewers lined up.
As well as plan some fun stuff for a on-line release party with great giveaways.

Blog Tour Dates so far are:
May 23th, cover reveal - Here, The Mystical World of Book Reviews, and Novel Words by Jessica

May 30th, I will be giving a sneak peek into LoaKC by doing an Interview with one of the Characters of the novel.
May 31st, of course I will be posting here because it is release day! As well as posting a Raffelcopter that will run for about a month.
June 1st - 5th, details to come. (If you want to try and grab a day on your blog, please send me an email at A.Busch2011(at)ymail(dot)com and we will see what we can do!
June 6th, I will be here with another Character interview for you!
June 7th- 9th, are also "details to come" dates!

I hope to have the what and where list carved in stone very soon so that I can share it with you, including links to the blogs.
For now it is back to work!
Hope that you are all as excited as I am!

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