Monday, July 23, 2012

Contest for ~~ Love on a Killer Cruise!

Hello everyone!!!
  First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who has purchased, reviewed and supported me with my first novel Tempting Fate. You have all helped to make my dream of being an Author come true and it has made me so very happy.
  I have big plans for my next novel, Love on a Killer Cruise, and I am hoping to have it out in late September or early October. As part of my big plans I want to include you! So I have come up with a contest.
 First I bet you would like to find out a little more about the next novel. So.....

Love on a Killer Cruise
Happy Birthday to Sarah! Turning twenty-six and divorcing Brandon – her high school sweetheart – on the same day. With all of her plans for the future out the window, she tries her best to be content in a small apartment with her two cats.
Five months go by and her best friends, Tanya and Jenny, start setting her up on blind dates. After enough bad experiences Sarah refuses to let either of them pick a man for her again. When Jenny sees an ad from a local travel agency – a chance to win a ten-day trip on a single’s cruise – without thinking, or asking, she enters Sarah's name. Now Sarah is the winner of something she doesn’t want. With an enormous amount of pressure from her friends to go and nothing to lose, she packs her bags.
After dinner and a few too many drinks Sarah lets a handsome man named Gabriel into her bed; and soon she is falling for him. The next day two women are found dead on the ship, but both deaths are made to look accidental. Sarah is consumed by the new romance with Gabriel and not too worried – until she discovers a third woman, and it is definitely no accident.
      The bodies are piling up and the ship is not moving – broken-down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Every time a woman is murdered Gabriel’s whereabouts are in question. Sarah finds herself hopelessly lost at sea with a killer. Could it be the man she has fallen madly in love with? Could she be the next to die?

Now, let me tell you about the contest. As you read in the synopsis Sarah is going to have a string of really bad first/ blind dates. I want you to tell me about your worst first, or blind date. I will pick one and it will be included in Love on a Killer Cruise. 

So here is what you have to do to enter:
   Like my Author page on Facebook ( ) and just leave your name in the comments section below (here on the blog), along with your bad date story and your email address. 

What will you win you ask, well...
  One story will be chosen to be part of the book, that person will receive
      - A first edition paperback copy of Tempting Fate that is signed by not only myself but also the editor, both cover models and the photographer that took the photo (1 of only 5 that exist). You will also get a Tempting Fate bookmark and a beautiful necklace. When Love on a Killer Cruise is released you will receive a free eCopy of it also!

  --Two people will be chosen at random to win a eCopy of Tempting Fate.
  --Three more will be chosen at random to receive a Tempting Fate bookmark.

 All six winner will receive a nice Love on a Killer Cruise surprise at the release of the novel!!

I will announce the winners on the 15th of August!! 

Good luck to everyone that enters!



  1. So we post bad dates here! I got one!!!
    I once went out with a guy who was CONSTANTLY on his cell phone. Annoying enough, but then I found out it was his MOM he was talking to. He even gave her a run-down of what I was wearing, right there in the middle of the restaurant. I had one drink, and politely excused myself. He then asked me for a ride home, because his mom was supposed to pick him up around 10 (it was about 7:30 when I threw in the towel).
    Did I mention this happened when I was 25? Stay away from Plenty Of Fish. They're all in that bowl for a reason!

  2. So fun! I posted this on Delphina Reads Too Much for you!

  3. My worst date was a blind date about 3 years ago. Everything was going fine (albeit extremely awkward) until it was about over. We went to get into our seperate cars when he realized he had locked himself out of his. I ended up having to dig through my trunk to find something to try to open his truck and then had to crawl in through the back window to reach his door since I was smaller than him. Two hours later after my butt was sticking straight up in the air and I was beyond tired, he tried to kiss me and asked for another date! Umm no. He could have called a tow truck to unlock it instead of making me do it!


    1. Oh my goodness! No wonder he wanted to keep you around, you went through all that. lol Thank you Amanda, Good luck!

  4. I haven't really had a bad date, but a bad marriage is a different story!

  5. I actually have not had a bad date. The only dates I have went on in my life were with my boyfriend who is now my husband we didn't go on many dates.

  6. I met the love of my life on a Blind date on Friday the 13th not a bad date though since we have been together pretty much ever since and that was 17 years ago

  7. My worst date was when I was in high school. I had set a friend up with this guy that she liked (I didn't know him when I did the setting up, just literally walked up to him at his work, handed him paper with her info, and pointed her out saying that she wanted to go out with him) and we were out on a double date. Well dude was staring at ME the whole time. Turns out that he thought that *I* wanted to date him and paid no attention whatsoever to my friend. Friend got pissed and wouldn't talk to me for months. BF a the time got pissed, thinking that it was true too. That was the LAST time I ever set anyone up LOL

    brittanyrose40 AT yahoo DOT com

  8. My worse date, hmmmmmmm, ah got one, it was when I went out with a guy from India. He seemed at the time, but I was also good friends with his cousin (a female). While on a date with him he started to grill me about his cousin. When I refused to answer his questions he got mad and informed me he had every right to know everything. Well, politely told him that was not how I was raised. We don't do that kind of thing. He stayed mad at me (I was only 15 at the time too). I told his cousin about it and ended things with him right then and there.

  9. oh almost forgot, email:

  10. I had a bad date that lasted 5 years! Oh wait... that was my marriage. I haven't really had any bad dates but I have had bad experiences with guys coming up to me and just saying things. One time when I was at a restaurant alone and a guy sat down in my booth with his food and started to tell me a story about killer squirrels and the cast of Star Trek singing karaoke while the squirrels were killing them off. I was married at the time and told him and he didn't believe me. When he did finally get it, he stood up and left without paying his bill. I am single now and I'm scared to date because I seem to attract weirdos and assholes.

  11. I can't believe I am telling people about my bad date experience 0.o For one it was with my first fiancee -.- We were suppose to spend the whole night together, movie, dinner, stuff like that. Got to his job to pick him up and instead of him getting in, he handed me a letter and said he was going home instead of going on our date :( I didn't know what was going on, I was heart broken when I opened the letter and read that he was breaking up with me and wanted my ring back. :(

    Beth Fullaway

  12. I haven't really had a bad "date". My husband and I did have a bad "date night" once though. We were sitting in the movie theatre watching "The Hunger Games" when his phone rang. He not only looked to see who was calling, he actually started to answer it telling me "I'll be right back, let me go see what he wants". It was his fricking brother calling and we were already arguing about his brother taking advantage of him. We have three kids and we don't get many date nights so I was pretty upset.

    Christina Irelan

  13. I've had several bad dates. I guess I'll tell you about the one I could have died on.

    A friend set us up. It was her husbands friend. We met at their house. We had a drink while we waited for my friend to get off work. Then he, my friends husband and I drove to the restaurant to meet my friend. My date had A LOT to drink. I should have cut my losses there because he was a HUGE jerk. But my friend wanted to go to a haunted house and really wanted me to go so I said ok, only my fiend and her husband were the only ones that knew where it was. So again the date, the husband and I got in the car. The date was drunk at this point, didn't call me by my name once all night. He got up to driving 95 mph before the husband made him pull over and he drove us to another bar where we met my friend. I ended watching my date ignore me while he hit on the bartender. He was calling me "hey you" or "that girl" all night.

    When I had had enough I noticed that a kid I used to babysit was there with some guy friends, so I asked him to drive me home. He did, he was cool about it.

    Then a week later he showed up on my door step asking me out. Talk about weird!


  14. Bad date - when I realized the shirt I had been wearing all night was inside out. My date had looked at me funny all night, the price tag was still attached at the back and the shirt inside out hmmm.. how embarrasing and the funny thing he waited all night to tell me.. lol..